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Mi Guate Web

Our passion is bringing your ideas to life online. We are a Guatemalan web design and hosting company that has left a global footprint, serving clients not only Guatemala, but also in United States.

Our History

From our modest beginnings, we have grown to become leaders in the digital world. Founded in the vibrants lands of Guatemala, our company has transcended borders and taken the art of web design and hosting excellence to new heights. Our philosophy focuses on fusing creativity with funcionality, creating engaging and eficient online experiences. 

Passionate Team

Behind every succesfull project there is a passionate team.  At Mi Guate Web, we have highly trained professionals who understand the importance of each line of code and each pixel.  We strive to exceed expectations and provide solutions that are not only visually stunning, but also technologically sound. 

Global Connection

Although we are based in Guatemala, we are proud to say we have built digital bridges with clients in United States. We have had the privilege of collaborating with companies and entrepeneurs who trust our experience to bring their ideas to the web with sytle and funcionality.

Nuestras especialidades

Nos enfocamos en diferentes areas de trabajo, con el tiempo y gracias a la oportunidad que nos han brindado nuestros clientes de diferentes tipos de empresas y emprendimientos

Travel Agency
Law firm
Medical clinics

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